What You Could Learn From An Individual Sport

They say that team work makes dream work and that working and being a part of team teaches a lot. And so, most people encourage people to choose team games over those that are individualized. While these facts are pretty true to a certain extent, there are moments where you learn to appreciate an individualized game over a team game. In a team game you can’t really understand your skill, because though you might be horrible at the game, your team would be making up for it with those that have amazing skills, and on the other hand even if you were an excellent player, yet you are a part of the team that is known to loose always, then your skills too are hidden behind the failure of your team. Thus negatively affecting your entire being. And so, this is when participating alone and playing an individualized game is much better. It also teaches you a lot. Some of them are as follows.

It teaches you confidence

When you are a part of team, there is always that secret thought behind in your mind that even if you stink with your skills, your team would be there to save the day. And unconsciously because of this thought, you might even pretend as you are playing the game, when in reality you are just moving around. This way you would never know how good you are nor would you be able to show your talent because you simply didn’t even know you had such talent in the first place. This indirectly affects your confidence and the belief in you have in your skill. However, when it comes to individualized games like tennis, swimming, and even badminton after years of badminton coaching, you learn to have trust in your skill and capabilities. Because after all winning or losing depends on how well you play. And this way you are pushed to put in only your very best. And so, that is exactly what you do. And this develops the overall faith you have in yourself, especially after you win!

Thinking I can do it!

The thought that I can do it, becomes very rare in a team game, unless you are the star player and the whole audience and team is counting on you to win. Otherwise generally in team games it is the thought of, we can do it, that is promoted. And though in one angle it seems like a really good thought and attitude to have, after some point, this thought may drill in to your life so hard, that for even the simplest of things you would need help or a team, and you wouldn’t have trust in your own skills and capabilities at all! You wouldn’t have that I can do it thought that is most essential in surviving today’s competitive world. And so, even if you may or may not have taken primary school badminton lesson to help you develop your skill in the game, you would know that this game is all about tactic and the I can do it attitude. After all, it is your mind and attitude that is most important to do and excel any task. So taking up such sports would surely help you a lot!

Any game would give you the valuable lessons on learning to except defeat well and victory humbly. It is what is necessary to live a humble and down to earth life as well. It also teaches you how to get back up and face the situation head-on instead of covering away. And so sports in general, whether they are team games or not, helps you become a better person on the whole. So pick a sport today and learn the lessons of life, it has to teach you!