Travel Diaries

Although not everyone is lucky enough to live their dream of travelling the world, it is indeed the dream of most people to be able to travel around the world. In the past, travelling the world was a dream that was almost impossible to achieve because of the high costs of plane tickets and hotels but today, travelling has gotten much cheaper and a lot more affordable. Accommodation was one of the biggest worries that people had in the past because all that was available was high end star class hotels which cost the world but today there are numerous small budget hotels that are available with all the basic facilities and they are very affordable to most people. Travelling today is much simpler and it takes a lot less planning and saving up for because budget travelling has become a lot more popular than conventional travel.

Accommodation and lodgingOne of the biggest accommodation sites in the world today is airbnb which is a network of homes that allow guests to stay the night in one of their extra room for a very affordable cost. The Bugis hotel is extremely affordable and a lovely place to stay if you are on a tight budget but still looking to have a comfortable and clean place to stay.

You will also find many affordable and comfortable hotels in little India with excellent affordable food options. You will need to do prior research and find out which hotels are the best in terms of food and service based on the reviews online. Trip advisor is a good website that will provide accurate information about most hotels and restaurants in the world. However, it is important for you to look through a few reviews and not depend on one or two reviews and they could be biased. On average, Tripadvisor has proven to be one of the best review sites in the world for accommodation and lodging.

One great way to try and earn some money off your trip and therefore cover up the costs of your trip is to have video travel diaries uploaded online. If you reach a certain number of views and if your videos are interesting enough, Google will pay you for the views and you will be able to get back some of the money that you spend. There are many people looking to go on a budget vacation and they will turn to the internet to try and find information about these budget trips and your videos and your blog or vlog will provide this information to people.