The AODD Pump Vs All The Other Ones; What’s Going To Win?

Depending on the operating conditions of many factories, the world has offered several options of pumps for the good functioning of them. These include things such as electric pumps, centrifugal pumps, helical rotor pumps, magnetic drive pumps and more. But being framed to common misconceptions have led us to utilize the least efficient pumps while ignoring the amazing AODD pump. If you’re still doubtful about it, you should probably keep reading. Because that’s going to save you a fortune.

The most efficient in terms of cost of power usage

What is the source of energy of your choice of the pump? Is it petrol? Diesel? Or maybe electricity. There’s no doubt that it’s going to cost you a lot in the long run. Solar power is good yes, but can you put the responsibility of your business on constantly fluctuating weather? The centrifugal pump, the helical rotor pump and everything else requires costly power. The energy source of an AODD pump is air; it’s free of charge and there’s a lot of it. Hence, it is the most efficient pump in terms of cost of power usage.

The simplest in terms of mechanism

When it comes to industrial pumps, what comes to our minds are the complex mechanisms with a lot of propellers and whatnot. For an example, a lobe pump requires more or less an entire gear set. It requires timing gears and two seals. A centrifugal pump consists of a complex system that is expensive to repair. Plus, it even has no suction power. But it is assured by any chemical pump supplier that an AODD pump will have the simplest mechanism. It literally has no propellers, no gears of any sort of and still gets the job done better than the rest.

The capability to cater several industries, affordability, and the cheapest maintenance

When it comes to the capability of handling of handling various industries that are served, air operated double diaphragm pumps take the lead. If we looked all the industries that it serves, automotive industry, aviation, beverages industry, municipalities, cosmetics and several industries come to play. This is the reason why AODD pump distributors never run out of business or either the stock. They know that it is the best. AODD pumps are quite cheaper than any of the other and given its simple structure, it is very easy to maintain them.

Disposal of chemicals and dealing with them is rather a task that must be done carefully. You’re bound by many rules and regulations of the law. Moreover, given that you have onsite employees, it is even risky. Hence, to make good profits, you need to have the best pump; the AODD is the solution.