Reasons Why It’s Time Your Child Becomes A Preschooler

You might be wondering whether preschool is necessary for your child or not. After all, such a small child of merely three years seems better placed in a home than in an educational institution. Whilst this is a naturally understandable objection that well-meaning parents may have, there have been researches that have shown that letting your child grow out his or her wings right from a tender age is only going to prove beneficial to his or her career in the future. Amongst the best reasons that education specialists and educators can provide you to push you into enrolling your child into nurseries and preschools are three points: one, you allow your child to grown; two, you allow his or her skills to develop; and three, you will be preparing him or her for the more daunting environments of kindergarten and primary schools.

You Allow Your Child to GrowYour child will naturally grow as he or she grows older, no doubt. But education exists for a reason – it allows for the better and refined development of your child. And nurseries and preschools are no exception to this point: they are capable of refining the growth of your child in the emotional and social spheres. Nursery and preschool education is centric on social and emotional development – this means that most (if not all) activities in these institutions will focus on developing these two aspects. To provide examples, the dependency a child has on a parent is lessened through preschools and nurseries. Whilst this might seem like a lonely example to you, it is vital to allow your child to gain a sense of independence and self-reliance. Another example is that they are exposed to an environment besides the home they are comfortable in, which allows them to move out from their comfort bubble and learn to interact and engage with their peers and other individuals.

It Develops Your Child’s SkillsWhen we mention the word ‘skill’, we are referring to a range of skills – the best nursery schools in Singapore and preschools allow the development of cognitive, language and motor skills. Cognitive skills refer to abilities of perception acquired through learning and reasoning; in simpler terms, this translates to problem solving skills, memory skills, attention skills and the like. Language skills take a special place here due to the age of your child: the ages between three and five will have a profound impact on the vocabulary of your child later on. Motor skills are the abilities of your child to move, coordinate and balance his or her body: through the many outdoor and physical activities, they are bound to develop greatly.

It Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten And lastly, if you were to consider all that has been explained above, you will naturally come to the conclusion that nurseries and preschools are indeed preparatory courses to kindergarten, where your child will start their education in the formal sense.