Proper Care For Braces And Retainers

You may find it quite hard to brush your teeth if you’re having braces or retainers. The wires, elastic bands and springs that are used can attract plaque that will result in stained teeth if it not scrubbed properly. It’s advised to brush your teeth once every meal, to get rid of nourishment that might have gotten caught inside your braces.

There are different types of braces such as metal braces, ceramic braces and clear plastic aligners. When it comes to brushing with braces on, you should first choose a soft toothbrush. Begin by brushing bottom from the upper and then again from the down of each tooth. There is a toothbrush called a proxabrush that is made specially to clean among two braces. When it comes to flossing, you should feed the shorter part of the floss through the space between the part of the tooth that is closest to the gum and the main arch wire of the braces.

One of the things you will get most frustrated about your braces is the food that gets stuck in it. There are some foods that will prove especially difficult to manage such as chew food like taffy, hard pretzels, popcorn, carrots, corn on the cob and food that is hard to bite such as fruits like apples. It is better to avoid these types of food as they can damage the braces or loosen them. You should also avoid chewing bubble gum or ice. A convenient way of eating food is by cutting them into smaller pieces so that they don’t get stuck in your braces. 

Retainers should be brushed each moment you clean your teeth. But they shouldn’t be brushed with toothpaste. Make sure that you disinfect the retainer one time a day or a week by drenched it a denture disinfectant. The retainer must go through a thorough rinsing before it goes back again in your mouth.

It’s possible to play sports while you wear braces. You can consult your braces specialist in Singapore if you can have any queries. Since there is a likelihood of you getting knocked in the mouth, it is better to wear a mouth guard. It will be specially designed for you so that it will fit over your braces comfortably. If your braces are damaged or you have free bands or protuberant wires, you should demand an orthodontist to take care of it.

If you’re experiencing loose brackets, you can temporarily attach it by using some orthodontic wax. They will be provided to you by your orthodontist when you initially get your braces. Free bands need to be changed. Make sure that you plan an appointment to repair it. If a wire is broken or protruding, change the wire to a lesser amount of irritating position by using an eraser end of a pencil. Don’t attempt to remove the wire by cutting as you can unintentionally swallow it.