How To Plan The Perfect Tropical Wedding

While many would consider tropical beach weddings to be relaxed affairs almost like a mini vacation to both the bridal party and the guests, it is not as relaxed as it is appeared to be in movies. While it could be an amazing experience for everyone involved it takes some finesse to pull it off. Thus, the following article would contain some advice for an amazing oceanfront affair.


The couple would have to first determine whether they wish to host both the ceremony and the reception on the beach or whether they wish to merely host the ceremony at the beach and move the reception to a hotel or a restaurant which possesses a beach side view. This is one of the crucial decisions that one would to make because a reception on the beach would mean that in some case the couple would need to obtain permits or they would have to ask the hotel to rope off that area of the beach for this occasion. But, it is advisable to have the ceremony on the beach with only close friends and family and move the reception to a more accommodating location which would possess the gear to handle large crowds and events such as this. However, one can opt to host both the events on the beach if they are intimate affairs.


If the couple wishes to host the reception at a nearby hotel then they would need to hire appropriate entertainment such as a live band or even a DJ. Furthermore one can also choose to have an quality Instant photo booth Singapore with some cool beach appropriate props for the guests to have fun with and take some mementos home with them to remember your special day. However, if the couple wishes to host both the events at the beach then they need to be aware that they need to be smart when hiring entertainment because with both the sound of the wind and waves there would be a lot of background noise. Therefore, one can opt to hire a calypso band or even a female vocalist with the perfect mellow tones which would create the perfect ambiance for your wedding.

Capture the Moments

When hiring the photographers and the wedding videographer ensure that they are capable of working with the weather conditions and the lightning. Furthermore, one should have a pre shoot at the beach in order to determine the appropriate locations and lightning in order to streamline the process on the big day.

Dress Accordingly

As it would not be possible to wear princess styled ball gowns the brides should make sure to purchase airy sheath dresses as they would be more breathable and would also allow the bride to move more easily in the sand. Furthermore, the guests should also be instructed to dress accordingly in order to make them feel more comfortable during the big event.

Tropical beach weddings do have the potential to be fun and relaxed affairs therefore you should make sure to not feel overwhelmed during the planning process and instead attempt to enjoy the journey.