How To Plan A Harry Potter Themed Party

If you ever consider one book that both young and old wholeheartedly adore you would agree that this is the Harry Potter series. That is because despite the number of years it has been since this book’s initial release it still continues to be a beloved classic for many individuals. Therefore due to this reason hosting Harry Potter themed parties have become a common occurrence around the world. But that does not mean that planning such a party is an easy task. Instead, it is an overwhelming task that has the power to baffle everyone involved.

Create a Budget

When it comes to Harry Potter we only want the best. Therefore due to this reason many individuals would be tempted to empty their bank accounts in order to recreate a totally authentic experience. But that is not advisable. Instead, one of the first steps that one should take is to visit Gringotts in order to determine what they can afford. This is a crucial step because it would help one to make all the other following decisions. These decisions could range from selecting the venue to determining whether one should hire an event agency Singapore.


 When it comes to a Harry Potter themed party every any event organizer would claim that e-invitations would simply not cut it. This, therefore, means that one should prepare to send paper invitations. Hence, the only thing that one can send should a Hogwarts acceptance letter form invitation. Therefore in this invitation, the guests would be informed that they have been accepted to attend a party at this particular venue.

 Food & Beverages

 When considering the drink every individual would claim that it is crucial for Butterbeer to make its rounds at the party. However, there is nothing stopping the host from creating their own fiery cocktail concoction to get this party started. One could even opt to serve pumpkin juice or their own creation of Firewhiskey. Moreover, there could even be a drinks table which can contain various concoctions made during the Potions period.

 Furthermore, when considering the main dishes one should not forget Mrs Weasley’s creations or the dishes served at Hogwarts. Therefore due to this reason, one should strive to serve roast chicken, pumpkin pasties, corned beef sandwiches. Moreover, one should also make sure a separate area has been dedicated to the deserts. This table should, therefore, hold Golden Snitch shaped chocolates, cockroach clusters and Bertie Bots every flavour beans. 

 Therefore if one strives to follow this article they would be able to easily create an authentic Harry Potter experience.