How To Make A Small Place Or House Appear Larger?

In the perfect world, you’d be able to afford your dream house right after you leave college. You’d build it in the perfect location, to the perfect plan; and your perfect job would give you the freedom to design it perfectly as well.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t do “perfect” that well.

While we are sure you’d be able to afford your dream home someday in the future, it’s important that we learn to live with what we have today. If all you can afford now is a tiny apartment or small home in a not so perfect location; it’s all right. The little sacrifices we make today will help us make our dream comes true in the near future. Here are our experts’ ideas on how to trick your eyes and make your living space appear larger than it actually is.

• The things and the clutter. Oh, they make a huge difference. Get rid of all that unwanted furniture, and clear away the clutter. Organize the wires so they don’t appear messy. Try to run a neat household in general.

• Bring in the sunlight. Throw open those windows. By doing so, you’re sort of making your senses happy, both with the clean air and light. The light helps make rooms appear larger. Consider getting glass doors in Singapore or French windows. A whole glass wall would be perfect if you have the privacy!

• Knock down unnecessary walls. Too many walls in a too small area can make it appear smaller than it is. By knocking them down, and creating an open floor plan for your home, you’d be able to move about with ease; and inevitably making it so that your home appears larger.

• Introduce your home to mirrors. If you don’t have the luxury of busting down walls or contacting your reliable supplier at whim, don’t sweat it. By placing mirrors on walls that already get touched by sunlight, you can bounce that little light around, making your rooms appear larger.

• The drapes and the curtains. Sheers work really well here as they draw in more light. But if you have to have thick curtains due to privacy reason, then try to hang your curtains a little higher than your window; giving your room an illusion of height and space.

• Play with the wall colors. In general, white walls tend to make a room appear larger than it is. But you don’t have to keep your home devoid of colors. An accent wall in a small space is a good trick to make your eyes believe the room is larger. Choose a dark color for the wall furthest from the door to make it your accent wall.

• Don’t forget the tiles either. Light colored floors may be a little harder to maintain, but they certainly help when you are trying to make your home appear larger. If possible, try to select a floor design or tile that is large. This too makes your floors open up, and gives the illusion of a larger room or space.