How To Decorate Your Start-Up Company

Starting a company is no easy task but this task gets considerably harder when one opens their first office. When opening an office one needs to realize several factors with the main factor being that first impressions are often long lasting ones thus, it is crucial for a new business to exhibit professionalism and personality when clients first walk into their premise. But, this may not be as easy as it sounds because many individuals have no ideas about how to decorate their office or even an idea about where to begin. Thus, in order to assist these confounded souls the following article will discuss some tips and tricks that one needs to be aware of when there are a new business owner who is attempting to create a good impression with their office premise.


As a start up you may not be swimming in cash thus one need to determine whether they wish to make an investment and hire a professional such as HDB interior design firm in Singapore or whether they wish to conduct the decorating process by themselves. However, it is recommended for one to make the initial investment of hiring a professional as the outward appearance of their office can at one point determine the success and failure of the company.

Assess the Space

Before making any decisions one should also assess the space in order to recognize the shortcomings of the commercial office interior design. This would also enable them to determine the type of outlook they are going for and the type of furniture they require.


Another important feature is lighting because every office should be well-lighted. But, in order to be cost effective one should make sure that they are optimizing the natural light they are using and should proceed to keep the windows unobstructed during the day time to receive most of the natural light. But, no matter how much natural lighting you may receive it is also crucial for one to invest in artificial lighting especially task lighting. However, instead of choosing bright fluorescent lighting one should instead opt for table lamps and indirect lighting.

Color Scheme

When, choosing the color scheme some may advise the company to go for neutral colors but these is a danger of this creating a washout look. Instead, one can attempt to integrate their brand colors into this color scheme so that it would reflect the company.

Henceforth, with the help of this article one can now proceed to create a welcoming environment in their office a premise, an outward appearance that would strive to create a good first impression on whoever that walks through the doors.