How Can We Improve The Skills Of Our Children?

Our current society has modernized and modified. Also we are living in a very advanced world where the use of technology and human skills has developed in high level. A good example for this is we can see that our younger generation have more technological knowledge than us and they are so capable of adopting anything easily. The major reason for these changes is, the generation gap. Because there are so many new inventions and new technologies help them to get this knowledge easily and quickly which was lacked in our generation. However, there are so many arguments regarding this changes, whether it is good for our kids or bad for them? The answer can be justifiable in both ways because there are advantages and disadvantage in this new technology.

The advantages, already we have discussed above and the disadvantage is children get addict to this new technology and they ignore other physical activities which is very important for them on that age. Therefore parents should have to be more aware of this and they have to limit their children from using this technology all the time. Instead of that they have teach their kids something which is more interesting and useful for them. We can teach them music, dance, swimming, gymnastic and other extra-curricular activities. These days we can see that most of the schools are very interested in this activities and where they arrange children swimming classes, dance classes, music classes and other interesting lessons in the school. Therefore it helps our children to learn other physical activities easily.

We have to agree that these days kids are so lucky than us, because they have everything on their hands, where in earlier generation people have find this opportunity. These days there are so many private classes which also help to improve our children’s’ skills. Moreover they take care of the children from their early childhood period and they identify the talents and skills of them. And they encourage that kid to improve that talent and skill. For example we can see preschool music and dance classes, baby swimming class in Singapore, kids’ karate classes and other sport classes etc. By training our kids from their early age will help them to develop their skills easily and quickly.

Therefore it is our parents’ responsibility to get to know their children’s talent and skills, and encourage them to improve that skill continuously. Also they have to arrange a good platform for their kids to perform their skills and talents.