Best Ideas For Throwing A Party For Your Best Friend

Throwing a birthday party for someone older than 25 can be a hard task. You might not find the time needed for getting everything done perfectly, or your friends and family may not have the time to attend and then there is an issue of finding party themes that are not too childish or Disney-like. But birthdays are essential no matter what age you are, and it is one of the few instances that you can take some time to yourself and your friends. Following are some of the themes that you can get your friend to enjoy that are not too fanciful or wallet-eating.
Funniest home videos show
You would be surprised to know that you can rent a theater for a night, and especially a small theater, for a money pool. If you have a lot of videos lying around, or can procure one way or the other, of the birthday boy or girl then you can host your own version of ‘funniest home videos’ with people to appreciate it. You can even get a reliable catering services if you are not good with, or will not find time to cook up a storm to feed the multiple people.
Open air buffet
If you can know someone with a farm, or have a way to book a portion of a farm (especially during blooming season or fruiting season), you can have an awesome country style birthday party hosted. Go for a large wooden table (usually farms have them around) and some wooden shelves and get everyone to bring a dish with them. You can go for picking fruits for dessert or buy the farm’s homemade stuff. If your birthday boy or girl is not up for big celebrations and would rather have a family dinner or lunch then this would make their day.
Backyard occasion
If you want to have something small and personal then a backyard party is the best way to go. Decorate with lights, balloons, and all the favorite things to make it as special as you can. A backyard celebration is also good if you cannot go far for a birthday but do not have the resources or the time to go crazy and plan for a separate party. You can always make it a weekend brunch or supper affair and get high tea catering in Singapore.
Keeping things simple and focused on what the birthday guest of honor would want is the best way to go. When your friends and you are working full time it is hard to find a common time for everyone to celebrate together.